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Ford Expedition 2018 Limited

The Ford Expedition was chosen to be our overlanding vehicle due to a few factors. We knew that it would be a challenge getting this vehicle off-road and overland ready. But wow has this vehicle checked all of the boxes!  Main reasons for being chosen is for its overall size, we are a family of five and a full size dog, we need a lot of space! The Expedition also has all the power and muscle you need with the 3.5 Ecoboost 10 Speed Automatic transmission. Has 4A with multiple drive modes.

Ford Expedition 2018 Limited
Icon vehicle dynamics


Suspension installed on the Ford Expedition is the Icon FORD EXPEDITION 4WD .75-2.25" STAGE 2 SUSPENSION SYSTEM W BILLET UCA. Recently upgraded the rear coil springs to a 750lb spring rate from the Icon stock 650lb. This was to accommodate all the extra overland gear and weight. Would also like to install the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) A live valve system

Roof Rack

The Ford Expedition roof rack is made in-house and is for sale in our Overlanding Shop! It is an aluminum build with light cutouts and brackets for KC Hilites Gravity Pro6 57" LED light bar. T-slot crossbars allow for mounting of roof top tents and other offroad/overlanding accessories. 

Ford Expedition with Method 701 Bead Grip® Technology

Tires and Wheels

We equipped the Ford Expedition with Method 701 Bead Grip® Technology. 0 offset. The Bead Grip® technology allows deflation of tires down to pressures that previously would have required beadlock wheels to make sure tires didn’t debead. Currently we are running Maxxis RAZR MT tires and are loving them. Maxxis is a great well known brand and so far we have been extremely pleased with the brand! 


KC Hilites are our brand of choice for all of our off-roading illumination.  While the 57" light bar throws llight a mile down the road, my personal favorites are the 10" side lights, really assists in finding that perfect campsite at 10PM on a Friday after work! Hard to beat the 50+ years of excellence and Lifetime warranty We are equipped with: 

57″ Pro6 Gravity® LED – 9-Light – Light Bar System – 180W Combo Beam

10" C-Series LED - 4-Lights - 100W Flood Beam 

Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light - Rock Light Kit

Ford Expedition Lithium Cube™ 1200

Electrical / Power

Our source for power on our adventures is the Wagan Tech Lithium Cube™ 1200. The Lithium Cube 1200 is no slouch; with a 1000W inverter paired with the 1166Wh lithium-ion battery, you'll have the power you need to get the job done. Whether you need to power a battery charger, refrigerator, CPAP, laptop, or lighting for remote photography, this Lithium Cube will have you covered!



23Zero has was our first choice for a root top tent. It has not disappointed and has held up to the abuse we as a family  put it through. WALKABOUT™ 72 CALIFORNIA KING BED WITH LIGHT SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY has to be one of the best canvas style roof top tents on the market. Our favorite feature is the light suppressing technology, makes the inside of the tent pitch black during the daylight for the times we need to sleep in a bit! 

Ford Bronco Best Canvas Style Roof Top Tents