KO Roof Racks

Ford Expedition Roof Rack 2018-2022 Standard Or Max Sizes

The Ford Expedition Roof Rack 4th generation 2018-2023 Kingdom Overlanding  has arrived! This rack has been put through the paces and tested in all conditions, heat, and cold! It has proven to be strong and extremely durable. The functionality and customizations are endless with our Kingdom Overlanding roof rack. We have incorporated t-slot extruded aluminum to allow for mounting rooftop tents, accessories, and attaching just about anything! Lightweight Aluminum build, 100% Bolt-on

Kingdom Ford Bronco Roof Rack

Ford Bronco Roof Rack 4 Door hardtop has arrived! This rack is extremely modular and beyond robust to handle your heaviest load! Precision manufactured by HD laser jet CNC. There is countless mounting points for accessories and lights. The road noise is very little to none. This roof rack is made 100% in the USA.